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Streamline NX® is a powerful suite of scalable, integrated document management applications and tools that allow you to implement a standardised intelligent solution in every office, globally. This powerful solution will help you realise significant operational cost savings of up to 40% alongside process improvements whilst achieving your security, compliance and sustainability objectives.

At a Glance:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Operations by up to 40%
  • Save IT Administrator time by simplifying management, monitoring and control of document infrastructure
  • Improve business productivity with streamlined, personalised document workflows
  • Protect sensitive information by improving document security and aid regulatory compliance
  • Support your sustainability goals, eliminate wastage and save money
Features & benefits

Reduce operationalcosts

  • Maximise procurement efficiency with an all-in-one application suite from a single world class vendor.
  • Reduce operational expenditure and save time and money by simplifying management, monitoring and control for IT administrators.
  • Increase staff efficiency and satisfaction with a Unified User Interface that delivers a consistent end user experience.

Improve processes

  • Make it easy for staff to scan and distribute documents digitally to improve company wide document access and workflow.
  • Increase accuracy and improve staff collaboration and productivity by quickly putting information where it is needed most.

Protect sensitive documents

  • Keep confidential documents away from unauthorised viewing with the secure document release feature that restricts output to document owners only.
  • Protect sensitive information in line with company security policies by merging vulnerable paper documents into your secure digital workflows.
  • Simplify complex compliance issues Fulfil the need for well documented and consistent processes. Use accurate and comprehensive tracking for proof of compliance and access job log by users for audit purposes
Compatible devices

Aficio 2352SP/2852/2852SP/3352/3352SP
Aficio MP 2001L/ 2501L 
Aficio MP 2001SP/ 2501SP
Aficio MP 201F/201SPF
Aficio MP 2550B/2550BAD/ 3350B/3350BAD 
Aficio MP 2553/3053/3353 
Aficio MP 301SP/301SPF
Aficio MP 6002/6002SP/7502/7502SP/9002/9002SP 
Aficio MP C2003SP/C2503SP/C2003ZSP/C2503ZSP
Aficio MP C2030/C2030AD/C2530/C2530AD 
Aficio MP C2050GL/ 2550GL 
Aficio MP C2051/C2051AD/C2551/C2551AD 
Aficio MP C2800GL/ 3300GL 
Aficio MP C300/C300SR/C400/C400SR
Aficio MP C3002/C3502
Aficio MP C3003/C3503
Aficio MP C305SP/C305SPF
Aficio MP C401SP/C401SRSP
Aficio MP C4502/C4502A/C5502/C4502A 
Aficio MP C4503/C5503/C6003 
Aficio MP C6502/8002 
Aficio SP 4510SF / MP 401SPF 
Aficio SP 5200DN/5210DN
Aficio SP 5200S/5210SF/5210SR
Aficio SP3600SF / SP 3610SF 
MP 2001
MP 4002AD/4002SP/5002AD/5002SP
MP C6501SP/C7501SP
SP 3600DN/4510DN/4520DN 
SP 4400S/ 4410SF/ 4420SF
SP 6330N
SP 8200DN
SP 8300DN
SP C820DN/C821DN
SP C830DN/C831DN
Aficio MP 2550BADR/2550CSP/3350BADR/3350CSP 
Aficio MP 4000B/4000BAD/ 5000B/5000BAD/4000BADP/5000BADP/4000/5000 
Aficio MP 4000BADR/4000CSP/ 5000BADR/5000CSP 
Aficio MP 6001/60001SP/7001/7001SP/8001/8001SP/ 9001/9001SP 
Aficio MP C2050/C2050AD/C2550/C2550AD 
Aficio MP C2800/C2800AD/C3300/C3300AD 
Aficio MP C3001/C3001AD 
Aficio MP C3501/C3501AD 
Aficio MP C4000/C4000AD 
Aficio MP C4501/MPC4501AD/MPC4501A 
Aficio MP C5000/C5000AD 
Aficio MP C5501/MPC5501AD/MPC5501A 
Aficio MP C6000/C7500 
MP 2550BADP/3350BADP 
MP 2851 
MP 3351 
MP 4001/5001 
SP 4210N

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