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The future of work is about challenging outdated practices. So, if you haven’t looked into how automation could enhance your critical operations, improve employee engagement and accelerate business growth, now is the time.

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Digital print


How to automate your digital print and show value for money

Outsourcing management of your digital print changes the game completely. Rather than paying for the latest technology or paying commercial print rates, it simply becomes part of a monthly management fee. 
Businesses can approach outsourcing their printing in two ways: they can hand over control of their in-house print room to a managed service provider; or they can outsource the fulfilment of the print to a business process service provider with its own print facility. Very often, the same business process outsourcing provider can supply both of these options to meet customer needs. 
Managed correctly, an in-house print or reprographic service can deliver a critical service to your workforce. It can create high quality output on demand, and on budget, providing far greater value for money when compared to sourcing print from the commercial market. 

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However, businesses are often reluctant to invest in the latest technology and expert staff that allow in-house print and repro facilities to stay ahead of the game. They fear escalating costs and inefficiency. Although there should be no danger of this happening to a managed in-house print facility, outsourcing the fulfilment of the print entirely removes all such concerns. However, the business must also ensure that the provider they choose is reliable and well-enough invested in technology to deliver the necessary volumes of high-quality digital print at competitive/preferential prices.
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Scanning & archiving


How to improve customer service by digitising your documents

A Gartner report highlighted that about 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on handling paper, printing, filing and maintaining files of information and nearly 50% of business waste is paper. This leaves them at risk of losing information, as well as making it harder to find information when they need it. Modern working trends, including increasing moves towards home or hybrid working, make this an even bigger problem. 
Digital transformation is sweeping through the business world, bringing with it fast and secure access to data and information whenever and wherever it is needed. But what about all those legacy documents that are still paper-based and are still taking up storage space? What about ongoing business processes that still require hard-copy documents? 
An outsourced scanning & archiving service can do the heavy lifting of digitising old records, creating a digital repository so that documents are easy to locate and retrieve, while also creating digital copies of new documents that are in paper form. 
Ideal Outcomes 
What you want is control and good governance over documentation - the data and information that your business is based on. You don’t want records going missing, or staff spending hours searching through paper records in the vaults. 
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Inbound mail


How to get inbound mail to your employees 24 hours faster

Business practices have changed, and today your workforce is increasingly widely dispersed. Meanwhile, inbound mail continues to arrive at a central location. The challenge now is to adapt your inbound mail processes so that mail reaches the right employee, quickly, efficiently and securely. 
This is a situation that is costing businesses money, making them less efficient and affecting their service provision. Solutions such as keeping mail aside until the employee next attends the office, or forwarding the post onto them, simply introduce potential for delay, error and cost into mail distribution. Resource-intensive scanning-to-email is time-consuming and also subject to error, resulting in confidentiality and GDPR issues. 
Switching to a managed inbound mail service based on digital technology takes the headache away, providing peace of mind that mail is being distributed securely, quickly and efficiently. 
Ideal Outcomes 
You need to know that information is getting to the right people in your business quickly, so that they can immediately access and action important documents.
You need to know that standards of service are not being compromised by delays in inbound mail distribution. 
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Outbound mail


How to reduce outbound mail costs while supporting hybrid workers

Outbound mail needs to move with the times. As hybrid working models become more entrenched, businesses must find ways to modernise systems and processes. In doing so, they can realise cost savings and reduce data security risks. 
Historically, your organisation has had to invest in headcount and analogue equipment to manage mail volumes, along with manual processes that were inefficient and made it difficult to optimise costs. Today, thanks to technology advances and new operational approaches, there are better ways to manage outbound mail. 
A managed service that draws on these improvements gives visibility of costs and service efficiency, makes managing outbound mail streams easier, and supports hybrid working throughout your organisation. 
Ideal Outcomes 
Your outbound mail processes make use of the latest digital technology and expertise to optimise efficiency and costs. Your workforce can utilise the outbound service seamlessly, without needing to be in the office. You have transparency of costs and performance. 
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Hybrid mail

Hybrid mail give you the ability to send physical mail directly from your desktop or laptop and can be really useful when you have people working from lots of different locations. You'll create your documents as usual digitally, but then instead of printing them out on a local printer, your documents will be sent to a specialist or central site to be printed, enclosed and distributed.
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Accounts Payable Outsourcing


Why should you consider outsourcing accounts payable?

Your accounts department has a vital role within your organisation and your accounting teams ensure seamless buying and selling of goods and services  - crucial for successful operations.
It’s essential that Accounts Payable processes run efficiently, remain cost effective and can adapt as business needs evolve.
Ricoh’s Accounts Payable outsourcing services give you access to expertise, efficiency and adaptability, without the worry of escalating costs. Our services include the latest technology to expedite supplier invoice processing, allowing your accounting teams to focus on core activities.
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