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Kofax Equitrac Express

Many organisations such as universities, schools and libraries are under pressure to provide ready access to information and printing to both registered staff and anonymous users. At the same time, there is a strong need to allocate and recover output costs.

Kofax Equitrac Express™ provides the exact tools you need to efficiently monitor, manage and recover document output costs. It creates a secure environment within which only the allocated users can release their documents, using flexible payment methods.

Features & benefits

Kofax Equitrac Express™ is a simple to use solution for public access environments to:

  • Allocate output costs to individuals, departments or billing codes
  • Provide convenient card, cash or account based payment
  • Set and enforce student print quotas Learn exactly how printers and copiers are being used
  • Increase service levels and reduce help desk calls

School-wide Print Expense Management
School-wide cost allocation and expense management
Software based capture, costing and reporting of all printing and copying expenses
Scalable architecture accommodates multi-school deployment
Ricoh unique embedded Print & Copy Control (PCC)
PageCounter™ terminal option for copy control and secure printing
Centralised and departmental account management tools
Device status management and fault tracking

Integrated Document Output Management
Rules based local and network printing and routing
Follow-You™ secure printing technology
Copy control and tracking with Ricoh unique embedded PCC and PageCounter™ terminals

Flexible Pricing and Accounting
Easily managed, comprehensive central price lists
Pricing by page and print attributes
Time and day of week based discounts/surcharges
Account or department based discounts/surcharges

Extensive Reporting
Summary, detailed and total activity reports
Scheduled reports with multiple export options
Report customisation at site and personal levels

Strong Technology Integration
Windows® Server 2003/2003 R2 (x86, x64), 2008 (+86, x64, Windows Server 2008 Server Core is not supported), 2008 R2 (x86, x64, Windows Server 2008 Server Core is not supported)
Citrix® and Windows Terminal Services compatible
Support for Windows®, NetWare™, UNIX® and Linux® print servers
Support for Macintosh workstations
Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle® database support
Windows 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2 cluster support

Flexible Payment Options
Charging to user, department, subsidy or billing code
Self serve account deposit device support
Administration-free anonymous online account support
Support for legacy value card readers
Support for serial connected card readers & several coin/bill interfaces
Support for network account deposit units

Automatic Meter Readings
Aficio™ Counter Manager, a Ricoh unique module integrated with Kofax Equitrac Express™ to capture a.o. print, copy, fax meter readings per device

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