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Rethink what your print infrastructure can help you achieve

As your organisation embraces digitalisation, you need a print infrastructure that supports hybrid working with airtight security while keeping energy usage to a minimum. It’s not enough to stick with what’s familiar. Digital workstyles and seamless automated workflows remove barriers and enable greater productivity — but this requires the right technology and a sustainable approach. 

Ricoh’s Managed Print and Automation Services provide the gateway to a high-performing digital workspace.

Enable a seamless transition to digital ways of working

Drive efficiency with print management

Imagine controlling your entire print infrastructure from one viewpoint, with easier monitoring and control. Enjoy the benefits of predictive maintenance or better print and scan routines based on usage data. 

Migrating to the cloud eliminates the need for on-site print servers and enables you to print from any mobile device, securely and safely.

Optimise the workplace experience through digitisation

The scanning capabilities of your print infrastructure empower employees to transition to digital ways of working with ease. 

Building on the latest Ricoh print infrastructure as your foundation, take the next step with advanced workflow automation to save time and money while enjoying a secure, fast and user-friendly workplace experience.

Working together for a sustainable future

We’re empowering businesses to become more sustainable. 

Alongside our Sustainability Optimisation Programme and our Carbon Balanced Services, we offer energy-efficient devices and resource-saving workflows that help you transition to less paper-intensive processes, boost your sustainability credentials and reach your ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) goals.

Discover the newest generation all-in-one A3 printers and their features
hardware and benefits

Key benefits & features


In today's digital age, businesses face unprecedented security challenges as they handle sensitive data. Our IM C Series is designed, manufactured, and implemented with end-to-end security protection as a core requirement. Its secure cloud infrastructure ensures safe access anytime, anywhere.

Key features
  • multi-factor device authentication for enhanced security
  • RICOH Always Current Technology for ongoing access to the latest security features and upgrades, including WPA3 authentication for wireless encryption
  • Latest version of the hardware security module (TMP 2.0) to safeguard data
  • Improved privileged account control and network restrictions to prevent unauthorised access
  • SSD storage as standard to reduce risks of data leakage
  • Upgraded Smart Operation Panel uses secure Android OS10
  • Supports the latest encrypted communication protocol TLS1.3

As your business grows, you need the right technology to take advantage of new opportunities. Ricoh’s eco-friendly intelligent devices adapt to your changing needs as they offer customisation, flexibility and reliable updates.

Key features
  • RICOH Always Current Technology: new features, apps and upgrades can be downloaded and installed directly to your device on request
  • Document & Print Management solutions, readily available from the cloud, offer you with fully integrated solutions to support digital ways of working
  • Connect other edge devices and cloud via RICOH Smart Device Support

The new IM C Series leads the industry in environmental performance. We make a difference not just through our own commitments but by supporting your sustainability goals too.

Key features
  • Market leading TEC (Total Energy Consumption) value (between 0,20 and 0,67 kWh/week)
  • Designed with 50% of post-consumer recycled plastics
  • PET toner bottles are produced with 100% recycled plastic
  • New high- efficiency toner with lower fusing temperature contributes to reduced power consumption
  • Energy-efficient timer setting with eco mode
  • Staple-less stapling reduces cost and impact on the environment
  • Blue Angel certification
Employee Experience

The IM C Series offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance employee experience by saving time and improving efficiency. With its advanced digital technologies, you can create streamlined automated workflows that speed up processes and foster collaboration.

Key features
  • Third generation of Smart Operation Panel: highly accessible interface making daily printing and scanning tasks easier and quicker for everyone
  • Improved scanning speed up to 300 ipm in duplex, paper handling, archiving and processing
  • RICOH Smart Device Connector with voice control
  • Two times faster CPU, high RAM memory and enhanced image performance from previous generations

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