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Digital transformation services help council achieve its aim of £100m in cost savings

The partnership has led to more efficient, smarter operations and a more agile workforce

Westminster City Council, responsible for one of London’s most iconic areas, is leading a dramatic change to the way it delivers services to the community. Part of the change is due to a new Framework agreement through which Ricoh is providing a range of digital transformation services.

The partnership between the council and Ricoh has already seen more efficient, smarter operations, a more agile workforce and a significant contribution to achieving the council’s aim of £100m in cost savings.

”Westminster has got some tough financial challenges especially making savings in excess of a £100 million. Our digital transformation and Ricoh’s support is helping us meet those targets. But it’s also about the council becoming more efficient and effective in how it delivers services. Ricoh is helping us achieve significant cost savings and efficiency improvements in our parking and planning departments. Technologies, like Ricoh’s Pull print, means a more agile workforce that can work from anywhere whether from floor to floor or building to building.”

Anthony Oliver, Chief Procurement Officer, Westminster City Council

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