Fast, accurate colour management simplified with RICOH Auto Color

Fast, accurate colour management simplified with RICOH Auto Color Adjuster

Commercial printing production versatility increased with responsive colour consistency capabilities

Ricoh Europe, London, October 4, 2023 – Commercial printers can expand into colour critical markets, increase production versatility, streamline production processes and improve the quality and consistency of the jobs they deliver with the new RICOH Auto Color Adjuster.

Fast, accurate colour management simplified with RICOH Auto Color

Ricoh developed, the Auto Color Adjuster speeds up the labour intensive process of achieving precise colour reproduction from system to system, and job to job. It can help commercial printers overcome the complexities and staffing challenges associated with professional colour management by enabling team members to create ICC profiles in a matter of minutes, match colour from pre-printed samples, to run jobs across multiple systems. 

It can help commercial printers: 

  • Win new work with the ability to reproduce colours from unknown sources, printed images, digital and offset technologies. 
  • Expand into colour critical markets with Ricoh's advanced optical and digital technologies enabling fast measurement and the automatic adjustment of colours. 
  • Increase production capacity with fast, precise colour matching. Automatic ICC profile generation increases productivity and accommodates short run repeat orders.
  • Drive production flexibility and increase profit margins with the freedom to run jobs at any time as there is no need to schedule colour critical jobs around an expert.
  • Streamline production with easy verification of colour adjustments against compliance standards while colour samples can be matched perfectly. 
  • Ensure reliable colour consistency across multiple jobs and reduce costly reprints and missed deadlines through the removal of colour variation. All digital production devices across all sites can be centrally managed via the vendor-diagnostic system, and runs can be split across different devices to meet client deadlines.

Eef de Ridder, Vice President, Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe: “Time taken to manually adjust colour to meet print buyers’ demands can quickly impact profitability, while the costs of trial and error, blocking precious press time to troubleshoot and employing a colour expert all mount up. RICOH Auto Color Adjuster speeds up the process. It empowers commercial printers to take on new jobs and work that was previously out of reach, and so expand their client base.” 

The RICOH Auto Color Adjuster is available across EMEA now and is being demonstrated during the Print Evolution Live event at Ricoh Customer Experience Centre in Telford on the 3rd and 4th October. 

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