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drupa 2021

Ricoh has announced that it will no longer be participating in drupa 2021 in Dusseldorf. Ricoh has always highly valued the opportunities that drupa has brought us over the years and has not taken this difficult decision lightly. We aim to provide details of new client engagement initiatives shortly.

HENKAKU - It’s only a word. But it has so much power.

Henkaku is the Japanese word for transformational innovation. But for us at Ricoh, it means much more. It inspires us to explore new ways of thinking, and use innovation to drive transformation. 

Our spirit of co-creation means we use our insight, knowledge and technology to develop real world solutions to help businesses like yours achieve things they never thought possible. Whether that’s accessing new markets, overcoming production challenges or simply speeding up processes.

Embrace Henkaku, the spirit of Transformational Innovation