RansomCare Webinar on October 17th at 10am

Ricoh’s defect and containment software sits within your network and constantly monitors for an attack. Any potential cyber-attack is stopped in its tracks by a detection and containment solution. 
RansomCare, a military-grade security solution from Ricoh’s Cyber Security Practice, is a last line of defence for complete protection and peace of mind from the devastating outcome of a cyber-based ransom attack, used by both the UK and US government.
Our experts can simulate an attack in your business environment to demonstrate how you can be protected from ransomware in the future. 
You can see RansomCare live in action at our webinar hosted by Kris and Scott from the Bullwall team. 

Register for our webinar to see RansomCare live in action:
Date: 17/10/2023
Time: 10:00am
Duration: 1 hour
RICOH RansomCare
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