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Shut down ransomware before it spreads

Isolate attacks with real-time, agentless monitoring. Discover how you could isolate attacks…

100% security doesn’t exist

Malicious attackers are constantly innovating to defeat traditional, prevention-based detection methods like firewalls. To fight back, you need a proactive security response that is always one step ahead of your next attack.
RICOH RansomCare powered by BullWall is our automated containment solution that detects and responds the very second illegitimate encryption and file corruption begins on file shares. ​
RICOH RansomCare

How impenetrable are your current defences?

RICOH RansomCare, complements your existing security defences, adding the vital layer of protection when other security solutions fail.

Watch RICOH RansomCare powered by BullWall in action

Is your business prepared for its next ransomware attack?

Read our eBook and learn:  
  • The difference between perimeter-based defences vs detect and contain 
  • Why containment solutions are the most effective response to stop an attack 
  • How to stay protected with RICOH RansomCare 
Smart Lockers Case study

“The RICOH RansomCare is like an insurance policy. If we didn’t do this and had an attack, we’d have to justify why, for the cost of it, we could have prevented months of system lock down and millions spent repairing data.”

Gary Griffiths

ICT Engagement Lead, Coventry City Council

Blog article
John Chambers 5 minute read 07.11.2022

Perimeter vs containment – why you need to be proactive in the fight against ransomware

New ways of working create more openings for malicious attacks on your business. Learn how to take the fight to your would-be attackers by being proactive in the fight against ransomware.

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