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Ricoh File Analyser

While data continues to grow at an increasingly rapid pace; businesses are under pressure to retain it for even longer periods of time. Faced with this challenge, more and more organisations are looking to the Cloud to solve their storage problems, but are struggling to come up with a cost effective Cloud strategy. The burden on IT Professionals is to find out what data currently exists, determine what should be stored in the Cloud and then most importantly, how to move it while keeping it safe and secure.

Ricoh File Analyser is the most comprehensive way to help you effectively, MAP your data to give you decisive clarity, MOVE and MANAGE your data in the Cloud while keeping costs low and data secure. It is a seamless, transparent Cloud-based Solution enabling secure migration of only your most valuable and useful data to the Cloud. By providing clear oversight and massively reducing redundant data, File Analyser enables you to develop and execute an effective migration strategy. File Analyser allows you to easily overcome every Cloud Migration challenge!

Ricoh File Analyser Reporting - Omniscience for Data Managers!
Utilising the File Analyser dashboard and our analytical reporting tools, File Analyser provides Data Managers with both oversight and in-depth analysis of their server estate across multiple geographic regions. File Analyser can identify valuable data and delete or move redundant or seldom used data to cheaper Cloud Storage.

Key features & benefits


Analytical Insight
Using a wide variety of reports, you will be able to see what types of files consume storage, which users are keeping files the longest.

Storage Reports are a critical source of information to aid you in the analysis of your current data estate. File Analyser feature-rich wide variety of reports enables determination of age, size, extension type, duplicates and owner of all files across all servers.


Ricoh File Analyser can help you Identify data that could be moved to cloud storage. With connection and access modules:

  • Move data directly to the cloud without purchasing middleware hardware.
  • Reclaim storage by ‘Stubbing’ data
  • Seamlessly retrieve data from the cloud

The power to decide is now yours! Ricoh File Analyser allows you to seamlessly and transparently move data to any archive location of choice without end user interaction. All files still appear in the original location and are opening via a stub link from that location.

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