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Device Management

For businesses large and small, Ricoh’s Device Management service takes the time and effort of managing and maintaining your output devices off your hands.

Our teams of experienced service engineers are here to provide fast, efficient multi-device support and free up your internal IT staff for more business-critical tasks. Our integrated device monitoring and management tools allow our teams to monitor your device infrastructure remotely for around the clock service.

We provide proactive support that ensures your devices keep running smoothly. And we keep you informed every step of the way though a central desktop dashboard and intelligent reports.

Key features & benefits

From embedded management applications for smaller businesses to tools to manage global enterprise infrastructure, Ricoh provides tailored device management solutions for every need.

Ricoh’s Device Management service offers:

  • Automated meter readings that send accurate meter counts in real time
  • Improved device efficiency through proactive support
  • Detailed intelligent reports shared via your desktop dashboard
  • Increased reliability through automated service call notifications, automated toner replacement and firmware upgrades
  • Environmental benefits through better fleet management
  • Green reports to underpin your sustainability policy
  • Device mapping that provides at a glance status views of thousands of devices

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