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At our state-of-the-art RICOH Rapid Fab Additive Manufacturing facilities we combine advanced AM innovation with the highest of quality control standards.

Additive Manufacturing Services
With a range of packages and services making up our complete offering, we can help you choose the right level of service you need to get the most out of our expertise – and your ideas.

Full Service Manufacturing
With Full Service Manufacturing, Prototyping and Manufacturing Consultancy and Web-based Production, we can offer a range of solutions – or even full product development – from initial design and prototype, right through to manufacture. Our services are all designed to help you fully understand and maximise AM technology – and you can even upload your own data to your exact print technology and material requirements.

Our industry-leading engineers and designers will guide you through each aspect of the design and manufacturing process and help your business reach its manufacturing goals. You can consult directly with our in-house team of Additive Manufacturing experts to understand and maximise the use of AM during your product development lifecycle.

Visit our state-of-the-art RICOH Rapid Fab facilities, or our team of engineers can come to your European location to provide tailored training – and help your design team realise their potential with the benefits of additive manufacturing and the services we offer.

Exhibiting and Promotion
As a world-leading global organisation, sharing our knowledge is fundamental to our business. Visit us at AM seminars to see how we can help your business.

Our industry-leading engineers and designers are experienced in design for AM through to production. Allow us to take your concept through the product development lifecycle to help realise your manufacturing goals.

Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning
Our experienced team of engineers are skilled in a number of reverse engineering techniques – including 3D scanning. So if you have a part or legacy design that you need to convert into a CAD format or a format for printing directly to AM, then we have the expertise you need.

Print Processing
With access to every facet of AM technology, our experienced engineers will identify the correct technology and materials for your specific project – and ensure the solution fully meets your product specifications. We support:

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) – using Ricoh AM S5500P Additive Manufacturing Technology
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Multi-Jet Printing (MJP)
  • Fused deposition modelling (FDM)
  • Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)

Post Processing
Whether it’s simple part smoothing or producing a fully-finished product, we’re able to bring your prototype to life via a number of post-processing options. And we also offer a myriad of solutions to help meet your product development goals.

Quality Assurance
Our service is fully comprehensive and we look after quality control every step of the way. We can finish your parts to the desired quality level and ensure that at each stage, you’re getting a part that not only looks good, but does what it’s intended to do.

Advanced Metrology
From our Advanced Metrology centre, we’re able to fully qualify both prototype and production volume parts and ensure the supplied part fully meets the geometrical specifications and the quality you require.

Key features & benefits

Fast Response

We want to help you respond to your forever evolving business challenges, and this facility has been created to help you benefit from our expertise and get your prototypes and products to market, fast.

The possibilities are endless

With the RICOH AM S5500P forming the bedrock of our facility – in combination with an array of other additive manufacturing technologies – our teams of experts will recommend a range of options to ensure you get exactly what’s required. Of course, it’s not just about the technology, we also offer expertise in areas such as consultancy, training, design, manufacturing, post process finishing and measurement and inspection services too.

See the next big thing

RICOH Rapid Fab also hosts demonstrations, giving you an exclusive early look at the latest additive manufacturing innovations from Ricoh. You can visit our facilities to experience the range of additive manufacturing technologies, and take advantage of the 3D printer output service using your own data.

Smoothing the path

The capabilities of RICOH Rapid Fab and our expert employees remove the often time-consuming, costly issues that surround additive manufacturing and 3D printing, allowing you to focus on core business activities. In fact, RICOH Rapid Fab will ensure that we can help you remain at the forefront of innovation.


We transform your ideas into reality

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